Company Profile HUNGER Hydraulik Group

Hunger Hydraulics Group is world-wide active in the hydraulic sector with its 14 companies and numerous representatives in Germany and abroad. Presently, Hunger companies have approximately 400 employees.

The company, which was found in 1945, has diversified in the past few years in accordance with customer requirements. The main focus of its business today is problem solutions that require intensive consulting services in the hydraulic and automotive field.

Hydraulics is the main business segment of the company group. The components and systems produced by Hunger Hydraulics are considered internationally to be leading brand names, fulfilling as they do the highest requirements and being employed throughout the world. Our many years’ experience in all aspects of hydraulics is incorporated in the form of application expertise into the development of customer-specific problem solutions and is also expressed in the Hunger product and production know-how, which is essential for the manufacture of components and systems at the highest quality level. The interplay of experience, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the application of hydraulic components to customer-specific modules and systems is the basis for fulfilling customer requirements.

The automotive business segment comprises the fields of couplings and sheet metal processing. The fully hydraulic semi-trailer and trailer couplings stand out due to their maintenance-free operation. In the field of sheet metal processing the definitive factors are our production expertise in the manufacture of complicated formed and punched parts, our engineering services and intensive customer contacts.