Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG, Plant for Hydraulic Cylinders

Big and Special: the Trademark of our Cylinders

Hunger Hydraulik is your competent partner for all hydraulic questions and problems. From the first consultation with our engineers through to the production and then to the installation and operation, we provide a complete hydraulic system from one source. The customer’s wishes are always central in the planning and production—the core competencies of the company are custom-made hydraulic cylinders such as large cylinders. Around the world, well-known companies in the offshore, machine manufacturing, press manufacturing, hydroelectric projects, systems projects, bridge construction, open-mining, metal casting and mobile hydraulic industries look to the Hunger Group to provide solutions.

Special Applications have Extraordinary Surface Protection Requirements

The use of cylinders in harsh environments was, until recently, rarely found or had very limited life-spans. Through the use of special coating technologies developed by Hunger, we can offer rod coats to meet the need for every environment and budget. In addition to the classic hard chrome plating, Hunger offers Ceraplate, a metal-oxide ceramic coating, as well as Ultraplate, a Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welded coating. Important supplements to quality include the most modern coating machines, trained and certified operators with know-how and experience, and product samples tested on a regular basis by independent laboratories.

Tradition, Innovation and Value

Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG, also referred to as „Hunger Hydraulik“ is the core company of the Hunger Group. Inventing and ideation are traditional components of the company culture. These values and innovations can all be traced back to the company founder Dr. Ing-h.c. Walter Hunger who rebuilt his life, both personally and professionally, after he fled East Germany in 1958.

  • Complete hydraulic system solutions
  • Hydraulic cylinders of all types and sizes
  • Rod coatings: Hard Chrome. Ceraplate and Ultraplate

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