Companies of the HUNGER Group

Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG, Plant for Hydraulic Cylinders

Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG, also referred to as „Hunger Hydraulik“ is the core company of the Hunger Group. Inventing and ideation are traditional components ...

Rodenbacher Str. 50 • 97816 Lohr a. Main • Germany
Phone: +49 9352 501-0 • E-mail: info@no-spam.hunger-hydraulik.de

Hunger Hydraulik Worldwide-Service

To supplement and round-out the hydraulic offering of the Hunger Group, Hunger Worldwide Service offers repair and services for all types of cylinders around the world.

Rodenbacher Str. 42 • 97816 Lohr a. Main • Germany
Phone: +49 9352 8763-0 • E-mail: info@no-spam.hunger-service.de

Hunger DFE, Sealing and Bearing Elements

Hunger seals and bearing elements feature outstanding sealing efficiency combined with minimal friction and prevention of metal to metal contact between the sliding surfaces within hydraulic cylinders. This technology eliminates scoring of the piston rod and cylinder barrel, and considerably increases the service life of the cylinder.

Alfred-Nobel-Str. 26 • D-97080 Würzburg • Germany
Phone: +49 931 90097-0 • E-mail: info@no-spam.hunger-dichtungen.de

Hunger GmbH & Co Werk für Fahrzeugbau und Mobilhydraulik

The steady development of knowledge and the decades of experience of the Hunger Group stem from this factory in Saxony. This is where Dr. Ing-h.c. Walter Hunger had his first successes and registered his first patents.

Chemnitzer Straße 61a • 09669 Frankenberg • Germany
Phone: +49 37206 6008-0 • E-mail: info@no-spam.hunger-automotive.de

Hunger Maschinen GmbH

The hydraulic components produced by Hunger Maschinen GmbH are an important contribution to the hydraulic market. The production line ranges from rotary distributors, rotary actuators, pressure transducers, and valves to hydraulic power packs. The production program is further complimented by a range of spherical plain bearings and rod eyes in standard and maintenance-free designs for hydraulic cylinders and other applications.

Alfred-Nobel-Str. 26 • 97080 Würzburg • Germany
Phone: +49 931 90097-0 • e-mail: info@no-spam.hunger-maschinen-gmbh.de

Hunger Schleifmittel GmbH

The machining of metal surfaces has always been an important manufacturing function within the Hunger Group. In addition to the design and manufacture of efficient honing machines, the research department also gave consideration to the development of effective abrasive agents and cutting tools. In 1979, Hunger Schleifmittel GmbH was formed as an independent company.

Alfred-Nobel-Str. 26 • 97080 Würzburg • Germany
Phone: +49 931 90097-0 • E-Mail: info@no-spam.hunger-schleifmittel.de