Hunger DFE, Sealing and Bearing Elements

Standard Seals Proven Worldwide

Hunger seals and bearing elements feature outstanding sealing efficiency combined with minimal friction and prevention of metal to metal contact between the sliding surfaces within hydraulic cylinders. This technology eliminates scoring of the piston rod and cylinder barrel, and considerably increases the service life of the cylinder.
 High-grade plastics and elastomers are used in the manufacturing process, and are combined with other materials to improve sliding properties and abrasion resistance. This results in a significant reduction in maintenance during the life of the cylinder.

Special Seals from Continual Research and Development

In addition to the production of standard seals for use in various hydraulic applications, Hunger DFE also offers specific solutions for extraordinary circumstances. Development of special seals with great resistance to thermal or mechanical loads is a Hunger specialty. Through modification of individual components and the use of state-of-the-art materials, elements are optimally customized for special applications.

A significant advantage is that Hunger DFE has a large selection of molds and proprietary synthetics and elastomers to select from. Completely new developments are also undertaken to meet customer requirements in the shortest possible time.

Our range of products: Hydraulic / Pneumatic seals
  • Rod seals
  • Piston seals
  • Bearing elements
  • Wipers
  • V-Packings
  • Complete pistons
  • Static seals
  • Rotary seals

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