Hunger GmbH & Co Plant for Vehicle Construction and Mobile Hydraulics

Advancement through Origin

The steady development of knowledge and the decades of experience of the Hunger Group stem from this factory in Saxony. This is where Dr. Ing-h.c. Walter Hunger had his first successes and registered his first patents.

Even today, ideas and innovation continue to exist in Frankenberg. This benefits the customer in the sheet metal processing area by the manufacture and processing of stamping, bending and deep-drawing which are custom-tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Our Standard: Quality and Precision

The latest machines allow every dream become reality. Modern turning and milling allow consistent, high quality processing of the stamped, bent and deep-drawn parts, as well as by the manufacture of complex products. The supplied data is processed and optimized using current 3D CAD software (ProEngineer). Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of products and will use this to meet your needs starting with prototyping and process optimization through series-manufacturing.

Products and Contract Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing: turning and milling
  • Manufacturing and processing of stamped, bent, and deep-drawn parts according to customer requirements for small, middle and large series
  • Hydraulic trailer couplings with shock absorber
  • Hydraulic fifth-wheel couplings with maintenance and oil-free surface

Hunger GmbH & Co Werk für Fahrzeugbau und Mobilhydraulik

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