Honing Stones and Honing Tools

The production of Hunger Schleifmittel GmbH comprises ceramic honing stones with plastic casing, honing tools and diamond honing tools for micro-finishing of metallic surfaces. High removal rate, absolute shape accuracy as well as constant quality are their essential features.

New developments are tested within the Hunger Group companies’ own premises under real conditions – a guarantee for absolute high technology. Based on many years of experience in cylinder manufacturing, Hunger developed special diamond honing stones for the processing of oversized diameters and lengths of ceramic coated piston rods which meet the requirements of removal rate and surface roughness. The plastic casings of the ceramic honing stones allow far higher contact pressure, as the honing stone is stabilized on both sides and, therefore, higher removal rates can be achieved. The plastic casing allows the use of the entire honing stone without any metal-to-metal contact. Furthermore, it functions as a dirt wiper and keeps off the honing sludge from the honing stone, and by doing so, it increases the removal performance of the stone. The metallic contact between honing stone and tool with formation of grooves can thus be avoided.

Hunger honing tools are universally used in automated manufacturing processes for the processing of various components. The kind of diamonds, their bonding, concentration and grain size are essential for long service life, excellent shape accuracy and surface finishes at Ra below 0.1 μm. Special diamond honing ledges and tools with or without air nozzle control system for symmetric and asymmetric application are manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

Fields of application:
  • Cylinder manufacturers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry