Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd.

Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd. was established in 1981 to represent the Hunger Group companies throughout North America providing sales, engineering, repair, manufacturing and customer support. Our team of 15 employees is looking forward to serving you.

Manufacturing Precision Products

Producing high quality products requires the highest manufacturing technology available today. Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd. meets these standards with quality processes starting with high precision CNC milling and turning machines that have capacities up to 48 inch diameter and 28 feet in length. Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd. utilizes certified welders for MIG, TIG, Sub Arc and solid rod welding. As required, welded seams are inspected with ultrasound by approved and certified inspectors. Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd. has a manufacturing site of 65,000 sq. ft. and offices for sales and engineering of 6,000 sq ft. In our facility, we do repair work of all makes of hydraulic cylinders as well as new cylinder manufacturing.

Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd incorporates Hunger DFE Sealing and Bearing Ring Systems which offer extreme resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical loads and low friction. This Sealing and Bearing Ring Systems are proven for over 33 years. Hunger does not stop there, they provide maintenance free spherical bearings and rod ends manufactured by Hunger Maschinen from high grade steels, stainless, bronze and/or synthetics. Hunger is one of the leaders in protective rod coatings for harsh environment (sea water, waste water, water emulsions). Since 1981, our facility has implemented state of the art equipment and technology that has given us a strong presence in the North American market.

Product Design

Each product incorporates the ideal synthesis of Hunger’s latest technology, conscientious design and precise workmanship with decades of experience.

World Class Quality

The Hunger Group is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards and Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd. complies with these processes. Our components and assemblies are tested and certified to meet ASTM, ASME, ABS, DNV and Loyd’s Standards and customer performance specifications. Regular calibration of inspection and measuring equipment is absolutely necessary for precision manufacturing and error free production.


Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd.

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